Interior Racing Association offers safe and friendly racing events for all types of motor vehicles. We encourage families to come together and bring ATV’s, SXS’s, Motorcycles, on-road and off-road vehicles or snowmobiles to enjoy an organized fun event!


The event is made up of two drag style race pits filled with mud reaching 200’ each. The mud is carefully groomed to offer a solid bottom and depth that challenge all vehicles. The races are timed with a drag racing Christmas tree to offer the most accurate times for all racers. Interior Racing Association has established a safety program to reduce risk of injury while allowing kids of all ages to participate. There is an ATV class specifically for kids 14 and under.  Families often bring an ATV for the youngsters and SXS’s or trucks for the adults. Many of the racers have two or three generations participating in the event which helps IRA achieve the goal of a family friendly operation! RULES


Mud X is a double elimination tournament in a heads up race around an obstacle course.  The course includes, tight turns, obstacles, mud pits, and some jumps.  You must be 18 to race and this is a SXS  event only.  The race is always under development so contact us if you have any questions.


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